Master’s in Dance Teaching

Mestrado em Ensino de Dança

2nd cycle study programme at the Higher School of Dance

[The Master's Degree study programme in Dance Teaching is accredited by A3ES, since July 25th, 2011]

The study cycle for this study programme is organized in 4 semesters and is formed by a specialization course and a traineeship, the object of a Final Report. A total of 120 credits awards the degree of master.

Scientific Committee of the Master's Degree study programme in Dance Teaching:
Isabel Duarte (coordinator)
Cristina Graça
Sylvia Rijmer

Objectives of the study programme

The Master's Degree Study Programme assigns the Master degree in Dance Teaching, following compliance with the objectives of providing adequate and comprehensive training that responds to the needs of professionals teaching at specialized dance teaching, with a view to granting the required professional qualification.


The study programme provides the artistic, educational, teaching and methodological skills essential for achieving highly qualified teaching, in the specific areas of techniques of classical, contemporary, creative dance and other artistic subjects, covered by the Study Plans of the Vocational Artistic Teaching of Dance.

Scientific Areas

The Master's in Teaching Dance integrates the scientific areas of Dance Teaching Methodologies (DTM) and Educational Science (ES).


Study Programme
Curricular unit

1st Semester | 2nd Semester

3rd Semester | 4th Semester