Presentation of ESD

ESD is a top-level artistic, technical and scientific, cultural and vocational training centre responsible for teaching
the preparation for the exercise of highly qualified professions in the fields of Dance
and to promote the development of activities and professions related to Dance
(Order no. 11625/2010, Article 2, Statutes of Escola Superior de Dança [Higher School of Dance])

Escola Superior de Dança (ESD) [Higher School of Dance] is an organic unit of the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL) [Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon] which develops its activities in the fields of higher education in Dance.

ESD answers to changes in the educational, artistic and professional landscape with a  persistent updating of its faculty, while straightening a close relationship with both the artistic community and national and international educational community. It executes artistic projects, protocols and exchanges, while promoting the creation or adequacy of its courses to the requirements and challenges in the context of dance.

Thus, ESD comprises the following general objectives:

  • To contribute to the technical and aesthetic development of dance in Portugal;
  • To participate in the process for reflecting and systematizing knowledge, which is the responsibility of artistic higher education schools;
  • To maintain privileged contacts with Portuguese and international vocational environment regarding dance, particularly through cooperation with professional companies and dance training institutions  as well as cooperation and exchange with  other branches of artistic knowledge, open-mindedly.

Being a student at ESD involves full-time dedication to the art of dance, intensive technical training, the search for forms of personal expression in creating choreography, involvement in the performing arts, as a performer or in production activities, learning and experimentation in teaching methods suited to age, techniques and proposed objectives.  All this, with the privilege of participating in work teams with students and teachers engaged in a common work, while making use of facilities and equipment which, though not yet definitive, provide exceptional conditions at the national level.

ESD provides its students with valuable personal, social and professional training experience, widely recognized and leading to a degree or academic diploma, which will allow for proper placement in the labour market.