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Erasmus+ | Applications

In order to clarify your Erasmus+’s incoming application program when applying to Escola Superior de Dança, please, be aware:



Autumn Semester 2022/23 - From April 19th to May 31st
Spring Semester 2022/23- (waiting for update information)

  • The whole process is done online;
  • To start your applicatication process - to be able to have access to the platform and be able to fill in the application form - your school’s Eramus+ Coordinator - must send to our Erasmus+ Coordinator ( the following information:
    • your full name,
    • your e-mail address.
  • With this information and once it is inserted in the platform, you will get an e-mail with a link to fill in the application;
  • All documents must be uploaded and filled in this link.



  • Students have to attend the full semester;
  • Our semesters have a length of 18 weeks. Each semester is organized in 3 Blocks/Blocos and 3 Cycles/ Ciclos, meaning 3 periods 6 weeks. A Bloco has 5 weeks of normal curriculum (practical and theorethical), and all the work done during the week of Ciclo is practical/ technical. Therefore, is a time used for students to show the work developed by them during the 5 week’s Bloco.
  • This organization is why students must be aware that to have all the needed credits and to get the Erasmus+ Transcript of Records they have to comply with being at Escola Superior de Dança from day one to the last day of the semester;
  • Some more information concerning our semestres:
    • Dance Techniques include Classical and Contemporary (Graham, Contact Improvisation, mixed European);
    • All repertory studied is 20th century onwards (Modern American, Post-Modern American, Contemporary Portuguese, Contemporary European);
    • In Interpretation the students participate with a choreographer in the creation of a new work, aiming to develop the skills required from a contemporary performer, namely the ability to engage actively in the process of creation;
    • In the area of Project, the students put to practice the skills acquired, with progressive autonomy, and have access to/contact with other matters/art forms not studied in the core curriculum. When we issue the time-tables we will also issue the projects available;
    • the curricular semesters available:
      • Autumn semester are the 1st, 3rd and 5th (academic semester);
      • Spring semester are the 2nd, 4th and 6th (academic semester).



The student must sent us, through Wetransfer, a Video:

  • The vídeo (1-Ballet /2- Contemporary Dance / 3-Choreography - each one 3 or 4 minutes long):

This video allow us to evaluate the candidate's knowledge and its ability to perform in Dance Techniques: physical and coordination skills / knowledge and technical execution / musicality and quality of movement, all required to meet the high demands placed today on dancers.

  • 1 - Ballet - The candidates must show and adagio, enchâinement de Pirouette, a Petit Allegro and a Grand Allegro;
  • 2 - Contemporary Dance (Floor work, Standing work - spine mobility, back, legs and arms work, balance and off balance… and across the floor – changing levels, turns, jumps, falls…);
  • 3 – Choreography (composition and written assignments – a theme or whatever they might think as important to say about).

Please, pay attention: not sending one of these parts may allow school not to accept the application, once is important to watch correctly your technique level.



  • Credits:
    • The Polytecnical Institute (IPL) has an Intensive and a Regular Portuguese Course each granted respectively 4 and 6 credits. These credits are cumulative with those acquired in classes.
  • According to the “audiction” students will be integrated in the classes judged more suitable to each one. However, any possible change will be made after classes have began and if it happens, the Learning Agreement will have to be changed.



IPL do not have not lodging places. There are a lot of private organizations that are working with Erasmus+ students and you can check them out in the internet.

You can always get in touch with our student association (, which is very hepful.